• Question: Could you mix two peoples dna together to make one like a clone?

    Asked by ands493cub on 15 Nov 2023. This question was also asked by been493cub, wage493cub.
    • Photo: Michael Schubert

      Michael Schubert answered on 15 Nov 2023:

      Yes, you could, as long as you got the right ratios of DNA (so one set from each person). Basically, that’s what happens when you have a baby the ordinary way – two people mix their DNA together to make one person who gets half of their DNA from each person. What you’re talking about would be very similar, but done in a laboratory instead of the traditional way!

    • Photo: Sophie Shaw

      Sophie Shaw answered on 16 Nov 2023:

      Exactly as Michael has said – this is what happens when you make a baby. Half of the DNA from mum and half of the DNA from dad are mixed together. Our bodies are really clever to make sure that we get exactly the right amount of DNA, but if this goes wrong, it can be the cause of genetic disease. A clone would be an exact copy of DNA from one person, and not a mixture.

    • Photo: Walter Bodmer

      Walter Bodmer answered on 18 Nov 2023:

      Your parental DNA is always mixed up in you!