• Question: Why do i have dark skin

    Asked by crew493tad to Debbie, Anu on 7 Nov 2023.
    • Photo: Anu Shivalikanjli

      Anu Shivalikanjli answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      Our skin comes in different colors, and it’s all because of something called ‘melanin.’ Melanin is produced by cells in the skin called melanocytes. Think of melanin like an umbrella that keeps us safe from the strong sun. People with dark skin have a lot of melanin, and that’s why their skin is dark. It’s like having a super-strong umbrella. It’s amazing because it helps protect them from getting too much sun and getting sunburned. Some people have less melanin, so their skin is lighter. They might need to be a bit more careful in the sun, like wearing sunscreen or a hat, to stay safe.
      Skin color is like a special gift from your family. It’s passed down from your parents and grandparents through something called ‘genes.’ Several genes are involved in determining skin color. Scientists have identified over 20 different genes that play a role in melanin production and distribution in the skin. Each of these genes can have variations that affect skin color. Skin color is a complex trait caused interplay of many genes and their variations (and sometimes environment)