• Question: is intelligence based or reliant on genetics

    Asked by Longshot-Dan on 8 Nov 2023.
    • Photo: Martin Minarik

      Martin Minarik answered on 8 Nov 2023:

      As with many other human traits, intelligence is influenced by both genetics and the environment, such as nutrition, interaction with other humans in childhood, and access to education. It might be easier to imagine this in the example of height – there are genes that you inherit that influence your height, but you won’t grow very tall if you don’t eat enough as a child. The brain develops for a very long time in humans, so many things can affect intelligence during that time, both in a positive and a negative way.

    • Photo: Michael Schubert

      Michael Schubert answered on 9 Nov 2023:

      Intelligence is influenced by genetics, but it isn’t entirely based or reliant on your genes. There are many factors in your body, lifestyle, and environment that affect how your genes are expressed – so, for instance, even if two people have very similar genetic influences on their intelligence, factors like how they were raised, how much their intellects were challenged, and even things like their overall health and nutrition can affect how their intelligence develops.

    • Photo: Eleonora Roschi

      Eleonora Roschi answered on 9 Nov 2023:

      Genetics and environmental influences, including early interactions, nutrition, and educational opportunities, all have an impact on intelligence. Although genetics have a role, lifestyle choices and nutrition can significantly affect the development of intelligence. Gene expression can be influenced by a person’s physique, way of life, and surroundings in addition to their genetic makeup. Even though two people have identical genetic effects, their upbringing, intellectual challenges, general health, and diet can all have an impact on how intelligent they become. All things considered, intellect is a complicated and varied quality.

    • Photo: David Clancy

      David Clancy answered on 10 Nov 2023:

      The thing measured that we call intelligence is probably something like abstract problem solving and pattern recognition. Most of the variation in that trait is accounted for by genetic variation. Possibly a better measure is called G: general cognitive ability. Variation in that is about 50% accounted for by genetic variation. G predicts life success better than does IQ.

    • Photo: Walter Bodmer

      Walter Bodmer answered on 10 Nov 2023:

      Intelligence is hard to define. But most aspects of human behaviour. including intelligence are determined by a mixture of genetics and environment.

    • Photo: Nikoleta Vavouraki

      Nikoleta Vavouraki answered on 27 Nov 2023: last edited 27 Nov 2023 3:52 pm

      That’s an interesting question. While we know of some diseases and conditions with genetic basis that can limit someone’s intelligence, we don’t think there are certain genes that would make us super smart. We all have different rates and ways of learning ( I prefer graphs and images ) and we can all increase our intelligence.