• Question: Is being a scientist fun

    Asked by save493tad on 6 Nov 2023.
    • Photo: Sophie Shaw

      Sophie Shaw answered on 6 Nov 2023:

      Definitely! When I worked in the lab, it was always really fun carrying out experiments, and I still find it fun now that I work on computers as I really love writing computer code.

    • Photo: Lucy Carver

      Lucy Carver answered on 7 Nov 2023: last edited 7 Nov 2023 8:31 am

      Yes! I really like doing experiments and seeing what works and what doesnt! Lots of people in the industry are really passionate about what they do, and that also makes it more fun

    • Photo: Rachel Owen

      Rachel Owen answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      Yes, absolutely! I love doing experiments in the lab and particularly growing cells in the lab, I enjoy acting like they’re my pets!!

    • Photo: Roberta Migale

      Roberta Migale answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      Yes definitely. It’s fun to be in the lab and doing experiments to find out how things work. I also like to solve problems and that can be both fun and hard sometimes :’)
      Also, if you are a scientist you are very likely to work as part of a team of 6-15 people (sometimes more or less) and that is also fun, to share moments in the lab, at lunch or outside of the workplace. If you are lucky and have good colleagues, it can be like being at school with your best mates. That makes work less like work.

    • Photo: Walter Bodmer

      Walter Bodmer answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      Yes most of the time!

    • Photo: Nikoleta Vavouraki

      Nikoleta Vavouraki answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      It can be very fun! Sometimes, when you really care about your work it can also be a bit stressful because you want to do your best. But when you are able to find out an interesting result and you are the first person to ever have that information, you are very excited and you want the rest of your community to know too!

    • Photo: Ping Zhang

      Ping Zhang answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      Yes I always have some direct work-related things to do and also have time to develop myself by learning something new.

    • Photo: Martha Mulongo

      Martha Mulongo answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      It is so much fun as I grow worms in the lab and have to find favourable conditions for them to grow. My break out is when the hard to grow worms start growing. With science, I know I am able to answer some key biological questions.

    • Photo: Louisse Mirabueno

      Louisse Mirabueno answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      I’m going to be honest – just like anything in life you’ll sometimes find things that aren’t always fun. But most of the time I do enjoy it – especially now that I’m done with my studies and actually work in science ☺️