• Question: Why do u like science

    Asked by week493tad on 6 Nov 2023.
    • Photo: Sophie Shaw

      Sophie Shaw answered on 6 Nov 2023:

      It’s a really exciting area to work in. No two days are the same and there is always a new problem to solve, making it really interesting.

    • Photo: Hayley Free

      Hayley Free answered on 6 Nov 2023:

      You can investigate topics that no one else has before and contribute to how we understand the world

    • Photo: Martin Minarik

      Martin Minarik answered on 6 Nov 2023:

      I love that my work changes a lot throughout the year. I do different things in the lab each week, sometimes I do coding on the computer too for a change, other weeks I can be off for an exciting conference abroad, or working with fish in a hatchery. It’s definitely not a job that gets boring 😀

    • Photo: Lucy Carver

      Lucy Carver answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      Working in genetics, we get new technologies coming through all the time, and I really like thinking about how we can apply them to help patients. Its really cutting edge, and even 5 years ago, sequencing for the NHS was a pipe dream, its really exciting being right there to see it happening!

    • Photo: Rachel Owen

      Rachel Owen answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      I just love trying to understand how things work! It is always new and exciting!

    • Photo: Michael C Macey

      Michael C Macey answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      I love how everyday is different and that I get paid to learn and ask cool questions.

    • Photo: Roberta Migale

      Roberta Migale answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      I like science because it’s fun and motivating to discover new things, keeps my mind fresh, and I love working with students and pass on what I know. I feel like no day is like the previous one and we are always looking at the future, full of possibilities and new things to learn. I find that very inspiring. Also, if you work in an area with some application to human health and your findings can be translated to benefits for people, that’s a major plus for me!

    • Photo: Walter Bodmer

      Walter Bodmer answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      Becuase it is really interesting and very exciting when you find out something new

    • Photo: Nikoleta Vavouraki

      Nikoleta Vavouraki answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      Life and nature exist around us whether we understand it or not. If we understand it better we might be able to protect it better. We can also make our lives better. Remember that we can quickly call our grandparents even if they live far away, which was not possible when they were your age.

    • Photo: Ping Zhang

      Ping Zhang answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      I think the most fascinating thing about science is to explore new things that are essential for the processes that support all life in an ecosystem.

    • Photo: Martha Mulongo

      Martha Mulongo answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      Carrying out experiments is interesting as it involves so many things; planning, experimentation in the lab, data analysis, collaborations as you have to talk to people, publications as you have to communicate your findings to people. With Science, you are proving things/ systems with facts.

    • Photo: Jess Davies

      Jess Davies answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      I think for me it’s about discovering the unknown. Revealing something that is hidden – whether that’s because we just haven’t looked for it or found it yet, or because you can’t physically see it.
      I am most interested in those things you can’t physically see just with your naked eyes, because it’s like looking at a secret, hidden world.

    • Photo: Louisse Mirabueno

      Louisse Mirabueno answered on 7 Nov 2023:

      You can explain everything with science and it’s all about facts and experimental evidence. Science is also a very broad subject and I’m sure everyone can find a field that’s interesting to them ☺️

    • Photo: Femi Oluwole

      Femi Oluwole answered on 8 Nov 2023:

      I like science because it one of the most evolving and dynamic professionals in the history of mankind. You can be a Biologist and use your knowlegde in Computer science.

    • Photo: Anu Shivalikanjli

      Anu Shivalikanjli answered on 8 Nov 2023: last edited 8 Nov 2023 11:19 am

      Science is like a mental exercise to me. It gives me a way to understand how things around me work and why they happen, like “Why are oceans blue-green but red sea looks reddish brown?” or “Why do nettles sting me when I am out a trail” or “how are these glowworms glowing”, or “why do ants follow a trail” or “Why don’t I get sick as often as some others” or “Why do I see dreams” or “How do our brains remember things” or “What makes our hair grow, and why do some people lose their hair” or “why do cat/rat have whiskers and I don’t” or why do I feel happy or sad or sleepy or excited” (I just want to know! :D)

      I also enjoy being a ‘detective’ in the world of science. I like collecting lots of information, kind of like how detectives gather clues. But our clues are DNA, a secret code for all living things. I like using powerful computers to crack the DNA code and figuring out something that is there but not yet known. (It’s like using magic spells to reveal secrets!) My science-y job is also very interesting every day. I sometimes read articles, other times work on computers to solve problems, and make cool presentations to show my results. I get to chat to scientists and doctors from everywhere and I love being among the first ones to know about the cool upcoming technologies. It is fun to talk about science with children and families. Moreover, science is everywhere so I also get to travel to many places.

    • Photo: Rosie Spencer

      Rosie Spencer answered on 8 Nov 2023:

      I like that every day is different and I always get to learn new things.

    • Photo: Debbie Guest

      Debbie Guest answered on 27 Nov 2023:

      You are trying to answer questions that no-one knows the answer to. You never know what you will discover and what direction it might lead you in next